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Nov 29, 2018

Swain Sinus Show | Ep14 | Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. | Kids and Sinuses

In this episode, host Stacy Wellborn talks with Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. about seeing, diagnosing, and treating sinus, eyes, ears, nose and throat issues with children. Ear infections, sinus infections, stuffy noses, snoring, and upper respiratory infections are the most common things seen with child patients. Working...

Nov 27, 2018

Swain Sinus Show | Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. | Ep13 | Sinus Surgery

Welcome to the second season of The Swain Sinus Show. In this episode, Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. talks with host, Stacy Wellborn about happy noses and some common disappointments and frustrations that people can have after they have surgery and/or start treatment for chronic sinusitis and sinus disease, and the importance...

Aug 21, 2018

Swain Sinus Show | Ep12 | Dr. Waters | ENT and Sinus Medicine | Urgent Care Teamwork

How should the Urgent Care Center and your ENT and Sinus specialist work together? Dr. Ron Swain (ENT Specialist) and Dr. Darren Waters from Greater Mobile Urgent Care discuss how they and their staffs work in unison to improve your sinus and allergy health and care.


This episode is...