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Jan 29, 2019

Swain Sinus Show | ep.17 | Sore Throat | Strep

In this episode, ENT physician Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. talks with host Stacy Wellborn about one of the most common things he sees every day at his practice, sore throats. Dr. Swain explains common causes of sore throats, home remedies, treatment, strep throat, testing for strep throat, and the importance of communicating...

Jan 11, 2019

Swain Sinus Show | Dr. Ron Swain | Ep16 | Nosebleeds

In this episode, Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. and host Stacy Wellborn talk about the very common and inconvenient nosebleed. What are the causes, biggest myths, treatments, and when is the time to take them seriously? While most common causes of nosebleeds are getting hit or having trauma to the lining of the nose, there are...

Jan 8, 2019

Swain Sinus Show | Dr. Swain | Dr. Jennifer Adair | Vaccines | HPV

Not everything in medicine can be treated with an antibiotic, and there is a big push for preventative health care. On the front lines of this preventive care are vaccines, the most significant advancement in medicine and possibly one of the most critical things physicians do every day. In this episode, Dr. Ron Swain,...