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Welcome to the Swain Sinus Show

This podcast is a physician and patient discussion on how to better manage and treat mild to serious sinus issues and conditions with diagnosis, treatment, home remedies, and surgery. Stacy and Dr. Swain will talk about improving your quality of life, breathing easier, and feeling better. Let's take control over our sinuses and allergies, so they don't control us.

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Get To Know Dr. Ron Swain, Jr.
Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. is a fellowship trained otolaryngologist specializing in rhinology, nasal and sinus surgery, and diseases of the nose and nasal cavity including allergy. Mobile, Alabama is an active area with chronic sinus and nasal problems, so daily he sees a lot of sick people with complaints of the ear, nose, and throat. Dr. Swain studied and trained to become an ENT physician (at Premier Medical) because he thought it was a nice mix of surgery and medical treatment. Plus, it wasn't all just about the operating room.

Thanks so much for listening, breathe easy, and have a great day.

This show is brought in part by Premier Medical Group, located in Mobile, Alabama.