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Sep 28, 2017

Dr. Ron Swain | ENT Doctor | Sinus Surgeon | Swain Sinus Show | Ep.10 | Listener Questions | Mobile, Alabama

This has to be our favorite episode of the first season of the Swain Sinus Show. Dr. Ron Swain and Stacy Wellborn answer some incredible listener sinus and allergy questions submitted through and Wow, did we have some super-duper questions. We hope you enjoy listening to this show as much as we did making it.


Check out these great questions:

 Listener Questions:

> Are nasal sprays addictive?
> If my snort is green or yellow, does it means I have an infection?
> Will eating local honey help with my allergies?
> Am I still contagiousIf I’m on antibiotics ?
> Do sinus issues cause the bags under my eyes?
> What is an allergic shiner?

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