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Oct 23, 2017

Swain Sinus Show | Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. | ENT Doctor | Mobile, Alabama | Sinus and Allergy Specialist |
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One of the newest trends in medicine is improving the consumer-centric view of providing patient care. Urgent Care centers have exploded in the last couple of years to fill the need of creating a professional and convenient health care option that operates between the primary care doctors, the specialists, and the "expensive" hospital emergency room. In this Swain Sinus Show episode, we are lucky to have Greater Mobile Urgent Care's founder and physician, Dr. Darren Waters. ENT Physician and Sinus Specialist Dr. Ron Swain and Dr. Waters share a candid conversation about how the roles of their practices work in unison and can improve your sinus and allergy health and care.
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Topics Covered:
  • Dr. Darren Waters' background, working model and working relationship with his business partner and big sister, Dr. Shannon Waters
  • Discover what services and tests are available at Greater Mobile Urgent Care
  • Learn the about the symptoms, signs and time for an urgent care physician to refer a patient to a trusted sinus and allergy specialist, like Dr. Swain
  • The importance of a hands-on physical examinations compared to a phone call consultation or web-based, computer-based diagnosis
  • Providing sound health and patient care on weekends and evenings when your primary care physician may not be available
This episode is part 1 of a two-part series with Dr. Darren Waters on the Swain Sinus Show. Thanks so much for your time, knowledge and humor Dr. Waters! Check out his fantastic urgent care clinics in Mobile and the surrounding areas at

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