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Nov 27, 2018

Swain Sinus Show | Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. | Ep13 | Sinus Surgery

Welcome to the second season of The Swain Sinus Show. In this episode, Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. talks with host, Stacy Wellborn about happy noses and some common disappointments and frustrations that people can have after they have surgery and/or start treatment for chronic sinusitis and sinus disease, and the importance of surgery aftercare. While most chronic sinusitis patients are satisfied with their treatment and surgical results, some cases are more difficult and can take longer than anticipated to find answers and relief. Lastly, Dr. Swain explains the importance of educating a patient about their condition and managing the expectations about their medical treatment and surgical procedures. With some patience, additional diagnosis, and willingness in trying some different treatment options, calm and peaceful sinuses are just around the corner.

Key Takeaways

> Sinus surgery can be a complicated process. Some cases are a quick fix while others might require a little more care, and a little more insight, and a little more time than anything else to get that right outcome and keep your sinuses happy.

> Sinus surgery success looks like all sinuses open and clear, no swelling in there, good nasal passage airway, no inflammation, no drainage down the back of the throat. If there was one adjective to describe a great outcome would be calm.

> Returning to work or school after sinus surgery can range from 1 to 2 weeks. Length of time is determined by many factors like the physicality of work, irritants prevalent in the work environment, and meeting recovery milestones post-surgery.

> External and environmental factors can impact one's sinuses. So, doctor and patient need to identify these issues, find ways to minimize the effects, and maybe change the surrounding environment.

> Immune system problems can affect post operative care.

> Communicate with your physician if you are not getting the desired relief or effects after any treatment or medical procedure. Your doctors want you to feel your best and live a healthy life free of pain and discomfort.

> The aftercare is just as important as the pre-operative care and the inter-operative care.


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