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Nov 29, 2018

Swain Sinus Show | Ep14 | Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. | Kids and Sinuses

In this episode, host Stacy Wellborn talks with Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. about seeing, diagnosing, and treating sinus, eyes, ears, nose and throat issues with children. Ear infections, sinus infections, stuffy noses, snoring, and upper respiratory infections are the most common things seen with child patients. Working with children can be difficult but also be very rewarding. Kids get sick, and they (and the whole family) need to trust that their physicians will have them feeling better as soon and as painless as possible. Dr. Swain explains ear tubes and when it’s time to consider this common procedure. Plus, hear about some of the most challenging and interesting things that get stuck up our kid’s noses.

Key Takeaways

> Dr. Swain sees patients of all ages, and special needs children.

> Children typically have 6 to 12 upper respiratory tract infections a year.

> Create a team approach. ENT specialists should work closely with the child, the family, and their pediatrician.

> Surgical options for children are considered when antibiotic, and other medical treatments are not working, and the frequency of infections seem to be a repetitive process.

Need an Appointment or Sinus Consultation?

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Quotable Quotes

> We try to make seeing kids a fun experience in a situation where a lot of times they're sick, and it's not so fun for them. - Dr. Ron Swain, Jr

> I think that's probably ear infections are number one. Number two, are sinus infections. Number three would be snoring and mouth breathing, and they can't breathe through their nose. Also, many times, all those things are related. - Dr. Ron Swain, Jr

> When you're talking about surgery on a child, I would say almost 100% of the time, but I'm sure there are some situations here that I'm not thinking of, but you're trying medical therapy first. - Dr. Ron Swain, Jr

> After the pediatrician, urgent care centers, family practice doctors have treated the family, and nothing is responding to those treatments, that's when they start looking for an ENT doctor to try to help with some of these sinus issues. - Dr. Ron Swain, Jr

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