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Sep 25, 2017

SWAIN SINUS SHOW | Dr. Ron Swain | Mobile Sinus Doc | ENT Physician | Mobile Alabama | Ep 8 | Sinus and Allergy specialist

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In this episode, let's talk about the first ENT office visit to Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. Host Stacy Wellborn has a lot of questions about the “endoscopic procedure” which we find out is "the use of a small camera to look in the patient’s nose and sinus cavity." Dr. Swain eases Stacy’s anxiety by reassuring her that he and his pro staff make this important sinus diagnostic procedure as comfortable and quick as possible. If you've ever wanted to see the inside of your nose on a big screen, this is your chance to be the star of NOSE TV.

What you will hear:

> What you should expect on your first ENT appointment.
> What is an endoscopy?
> How long does the endoscopy procedure last?
> How long is my first appointment?
> How many appointments will it take to get a proper diagnosis?
> What are all the diagnostic equipment options available.



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